Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is contagious

AD is not contagious. You cannot catch AD or get an eczema flare-up from exposure to a person with AD. [1]


Children with AD grow out of it

Proper care and management of your skin may help to prevent future flare-ups. While the disease has been observed to alleviate substantially by age 7, this is not a guarantee. [2]


Having a family history of AD guarantees getting AD

If you have a parent who has AD, it may mean you’re at risk of developing it yourself. Certain genetic mutations increase the risk of developing AD, but this is not always the case. [3]


Home remedies can cure AD

At best, home remedies like coconut oil can moisturize the skin and reduce itching or swelling, but home remedies do not cure AD. [4]


AD triggers are the same for everyone

What triggers a flare-up may vary from person to person and have different underlying reasons, such as irritable skin or prolonged stress. It’s best to seek a professional diagnosis to determine your triggers.[5]


Certain food can cause AD

By itself, there is no food that can cause someone to have AD. The link between food and AD remains unclear. Some AD patients may have underlying food allergies that trigger rashes that look like AD. Other patients may find that food triggers stronger reactions only when they’re already having a flare-up.[6][7]


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